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Casio FC100V Financial Calculator (Stock Available: 2)

  Our Price: £32.99
Casio FC100V Financial Calculator (Stock Available: 2)
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Casio FC100V Financial Calculators

Sentencing calculator (used by HMP for calculating sentences)

General specifications:
Dot Matrix 31 * 96
mantissa+ exponent 10 + 2 digits
Plastic keys
Energy supply: AAA-size battery
New slide-on hardcase
Size (H x W x D): 13,7 x 80,0 x 161,00 mm
Weight: 110 g
EAN-Code:49-71850-167013 (June: 172147)
blister (FC-100V-S-EH)
Packaging (L x W x H): 245,0 x 155,0 x 43,1 mm
Total weight: 368,7 g
Languages: English Spanish, French
Detailed specifications:
Input Format: V.P.A.M
Function calculations
• Trigonometric / Invers Trigonometric calculations
• Hyperbolic / Invers Hyperbolic calculations
• log, ln - (logarithmic) calculations
• 10x, ex - (exponential) calculations
• x2/ ^ / x√ -
  (Power / Power Root) calculations
• √ - (root) calculations
• x-1 - (invers) calculations
• x! - (factorial operator) calculations
• nPr (Permutation), nCr (Combinatoric)
• Random Number
• History
• Ans
• STO, RCL (A-D, X,Y, M (7))
Percentage calculations
Display Setting of Number
• Fix
• Sci
• Norm
• 3-digit separator symbol
Angle Setting
• Deg, Rad, Gra
Stat Editor table
Calculation Items
• n
• x-var
• ∑!
• ∑x2
• n-1
• !
• Linear regression
• Logarithmic regression
• e exponential regression • Power regression
• Inverse regression
• Quadratic regression
Financial Calculations
Simple Interest
Compound InterestsTVMn
P/Y, C/Y
Cash Flow (Investment Appraisal)
Cost, Shell, Margin
Day calculations
About the difference between the new model FC-100V and the old model FC-100
The FC-100V can do all the calculations that the previous FC-100 can do. No functions have been deleted.


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